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Why Update
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Wilcom and Corel are pleased to announce our latest product suite Wilcom Elements 3. It’s a whole eco system of products to mix and match to suit your business.

It’s faster, more intuitive to use, packed with new features and includes some powerful new algorithms for even greater stitch quality and graphics to stitch conversion.

Choose a platform, add as you grow

Wilcom Elements 3 is our strongest release yet, with significant improvements in usability, quality as well as new creative and productivity based features. The new modular product models provide flexible and affordable options for all decorated apparel businesses.

Add as you grow
The building blocks to grow and diversify your business

Wilcom Products

What new-1

What new-2

There are almost 200 new or enhanced features in Elements 3!
18 optional elements replace  levels 1 gold, 2, 2 gold, 3

Special Trade-in offer

If you own DRAWings®, Wings, Sierra, Compucon, Forte, DataStitch, Melco Design Shop or Tajima DG/ML/Pulse software ("Qualified Embroidery Software"), you are eligible to trade in your Embroidery Software and purchase the relevant Wilcom Elements 3 software at a special discounted price. Please call to validate your eligibility and obtain this special pricing. Note: To receive this discount, you will be required to return the hardware key of your trade-in product.

If you’re serious about embroidery and multi-decoration


The enhancements in DecoStudio e3 are things that really make a difference to your business. Everything at your fingertips, visualized, optimized, ready for production.

With Wilcom’s stitch engine and CorelDRAW® X6 combined, you can take vector artwork and turn it in to embroidery, print, appliqué and now rhinestones with ease.

New! DecoStudio|e3
elements 3
DecoStudio e2


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New! EmbroideryStudio|e3
elements 3
DecoStudio e2


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Increase your capabilities and Add Elements!

Add as you GROW for a great deal more features from higher product levels. A really economical way to add more capabilities to your business!

DecoStudio e3 & EmbroideryStudio e3



Alphabets for ES & DS

Added Embroidery Alphabets for Wilcom ES & DS sofware. All Alphabets are ESA files for the Wilcom software. If you use Wilcom lettering, editing or digitizing software Version 9 or higher, you can purchase the .esa files of the alphabets. All Lettering are hand digitized. Click here for Added Extras


Create Your Own on line stores.
Wilcom DecoNetwork is the premier online solution for printers & embroiders that embroider/print on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc.

Wilcom DecoNetwork delivers the complete solution for any digital printer & embroiderers wanting to get online, a customizable website with t-shirt designer, e-commerce, order management system, affiliate system and much, much more.

Design Workflow

DesignWorkflow™ breaks through the walls of communication between departments by creating windows into the design creation process. By connecting each stage of the design process,DesignWorkflow electronically tracks the design and empowers staff with information needed to perform efficiently. Brochure


Deco Studio e2  Brochre

Embroidery Studio e2 Brochre


Online Stores
Wilcom DecoNetwork
offers decorated goods businesses a fully integrated website for custom-goods ordering & fulfillment processing.

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