We are a Wilcom Authorized Training Center

Wilcom Digitizing Training Classes

Our Classes on Wilcom Digitizing is based per day training of $500 usd. for up to two students.*


Suggested Training for Software Levels:

Wilcom Authhorized Training Center
  1. ES21L & ES21E & DecoStudio:
  2. ES21D & EmbroideryStudio Level 1:
  3. ES45 & EmbroideryStudio Level 2:
  4. ES65 & EmbroideryStudio Level 3:
  5. Custom Classes:
2 Full Days
3 Full Days
4 Full Days
5 Full Days
2 Days


* Second person must be from same company or organization.
Classes are at Unique Embroidery & Printing location.
At your location added for traveling and lodging expenses.
To reserve a training date(s), fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable unless extreme conditions exist.


Personal Training is the best option when the student prefers to determine what subjects are covered.
Personal Training allows as slow or as fast a pace as you, the student requires. Topics can range as far apart as how to determine your pricing, how to better use your software or hardware investment, or any number of embroidery design and editing topics as the student wishes to discuss.

Personal Training is not a seminar where your time is divided among student you have never met, but time is dedicated to you or your group. Possibly you are shy and do not want to ask questions in a group environment, or your learning style requires more direct attention to your needs. Many accomplished digitizers take advantage of Personal Training to get answers to advanced questions no one else has been able to answer.

Personal Training can be for as little as one day and as many as five. What ever your needs are, we are confident Personal Training will meet them.

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EXTRA Tutorials

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Ask for Greg K. for inquiries about training/classes or Wilcom Products.

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